About me

I get most of my inspiration from music. During the time that I design, I always listen to music that inspires me to design diverse illustrations. The music makes me see different colors, shapes and themes. For example, I created my illustration Bad Dream during a period when I was listening to Chevaliers De Sangreal by Hans Zimmer, which gave me a great deal of inspiration and also filled my imagination. The illustration My Africa is another good example of how music fuels my imagination. I created the piece during a period when I was listening to the music of Sixto Rodriguez. His music made me think of the great and colorful continent of Africa.

I use my knowledge in art, graphic design and product design to incorporate into my illustrations.

All of my work is vector graphic and can be applied in different branches, such as fabric, wallpaper, interior and product design, architecture etc. 

If you are interested in my designs and works, do not hesitate to contact me.


2012-Exhibition at So Stockholm. So Stockholm is an art-, fashion and design gallery
in the heart of Stockholm.

2011-Exhibition at Formex. Formex - the largest interior design fair for Nordic design.